The History of the

4th and 7th Royal Tank Regiments


Annex H Officers KIA 1939 – 49

Officers Killed in Action 1939-49

They are shown where their graves exist.

Some KIA were consumed by fire in their tanks and have no known grave. 


Fourth Royal Tank Regiment

Hubbard Reginald Lt 27.12.39 Bienvillers Calais
Murdoch Frederick Capt 21.5.40 Dunkirk
Fitzmaurice James Lt Col 21.5.40 Dunkirk
Dowding Arthur 2Lt 26.5.40 Wormhoudt Nord
McCall Peter Capt 27.5.40 Fecke Calais
Sinclair Albert RSM 27.5.40 Dover (*)
Atkinson Ralph Lt 20.6.42 Alamein
Clement Ivor Major 17.6.41 Alamein
Roe Percival Lt 16.6.41 Alamein
Wilberforce Peter Capt 15.6.41 Alamein
Miller Peter 2Lt 15.11.41 Alamein
Castle David 2Lt 25.11.41 Tobruk
Andrew Gordon 2Lt 26.11.41 Knightsbridge
Knight Kenneth Capt 30.11.41 Tobruk
Redhead Philip Capt 2.12.41 Tobruk
Kendall Frank Capt 4.12.41 Knightsbridge
Colliver Anthony Lt 6.12.41 Tobruk
McGeoch John Capt 6.12.41 Tobruk
Brown Norman Lt 29.11.43 Cassino
Robinson Peter Lt 16.6.45 Munster
Martin A.N. 2Lt 25.8.48 Nicosia
Layfield T.B. 2Lt 7.10.49 Fayid


The mention of Cassino is puzzling and is being investigated. The CWGC insists that  only one Wargrave goes by that name and was created near Rome after the battle of Monte Cassino in 1944.  Thus the most likely answer is that those shown there were buried temporarily where they fell in North Africa in 1941 and elsewhere  in 1943 and were subsequently re-interred in Italy.   

(*)  Killed when the Manx Ferry King Orry was bombed as it left Dunkirk.

Seventh Royal Tank Regiment

Hedderwick Gerald Major 21.5.40 Beaurains Calais
Nugent Walter 2Lt 21.5.40 Bucquoy Calais
Kauter Herman Capt 21.5.40 Longuenesse Calais
Heyland Hector Lt Col 21.5.40 Dunkirk
Garrett Hugh Major 23.5.40 Avion Calais
Rew Henry Major 11.12.40 Alamein
Houghton-Fry Arthur 2Lt 4.5.41 Alamein
Rothwell Percy Lt 4.5.41 Alamein
Simson George Lt 20.5.41 Suda Bay
Collin John 2Lt 15.6.41 Halfaya Sollum
Fellows Noel Major 17.6.41 Halfaya
Bernard Geoffrey 2Lt 19.6.41 Halfaya
Godfrey Alfred Lt 29.5.42 Knightsbridge
Gardiner Anthony Major 30.5.42 Knightsbridge
Martens Eric Lt 5.6.42 Knightsbridge
Bramley Joseph 2Lt 5.6.42 Tobruk
Hein Clive Capt 9.6.42 Alamein 
Arnold Clement Capt 20.6.42 Tobruk
Fayle Roger Lt 1.7.42 Alamein
Hanson John 2Lt 3.6.43 Bishops Cleeve
Barrett Ronald Lt 26.6.44 St Desir Caen
Offen Sidney Lt 29.6.44 St Manvieu Caen
Meadows Peter Lt 1.7.44 Ryes Caen
Clare Oscar Lt 10.7.44 St Desir Caen
Smithies John Lt 10.7.44 Avion Calais
Allen John 2Lt 10.7.44 Bayeux
Lincoln Douglas Lt 23.7.44 Bayeux
Godfrey John Lt 30.7.44 Fontenay Caen