The History of the

4th and 7th Royal Tank Regiments



A Pictorial History of the 4th and the 7th Royal Tank Regiments

Fear Naught
Peter Vaux

It would have been impossible to produce this record without Peter Payne whose systematic and painstaking photographing of regimental scrap books, back numbers of the Tank Magazine and other Journals are the backbone of this pictorial history.

And without the eye-witness accounts, personal records including photographs, and proof-reading of the late Brigadier Peter Vaux OBE. I am indebted to them both.

I also acknowledge with gratitude the help I have received from, and the materials I have been allowed to reproduce by, the following:

  • The Colonels Commandant RTR
  • The Trustees of the Tank Museum
  • Colonel Mike Rose
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Forty OBE
  • Bryan Perrett
  • Don Mackay
  • W.M. Rossiter
  • William Cassell, Publishers of B H Liddell Hart’s ” The Tanks”
  • Spellmount Ltd
  • David Higham Associates
  • Colonel Andrew Duncan
  • Philips Universal Atlas
  • Vince Rodger
  • Commanding Officer 1 RTR
  • Isabel Machado-Williams and the Team at
  • Nick Watts
  • Alex Finlay
  • James McLean of Manx Telecom
  • Tim Strickland (Author of ‘Strick’)
  • Juan Gillard
  • Merlin Robinson
  • Alan Boast
  • Andreas Biermann
  • Miles Essex (website support)

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Laurence New